Monday, February 24, 2020

Discussion Questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Discussion Questions - Coursework Example Queries could be used to locate information from a database. Also, they could be used to delete information from the database especially if there is redundancy or similarity of codes and information. Lastly, queries could be used to update databases and existing body of information in a database. This is to say that all the three functions would be used and done effectively within a short time using the codes or inquiry or the query (Gupta & Sarawagi, 2006). For instance, one would locate an employee through unique identification code from the many employees. Similarly, where and when the specific information has been located within the database, the related information would be highlighted and managed or deleted according to the requirement or specific need of the user. In the same line of thought and argument, once the relevant information has been picked or selected, there is the option of update, which could be done once a user enters a change in the database. In order to effectively and properly create a database form, it is imperative to note and mention that the user need to define and articulate a bound. A bound refers to the connection that expressly links the data source to the whole database such as through queries or tables. It is important to maintain the buttons of command and controls which are required to operate the whole application process. It is a good practice and standard to create a form using the form tool. Once a user locates it, it is critical that he or she finds the navigation pane which would encompass information and details that the user wishes to view and see at the final stage of output. It is common to create a split form which means that a user would wish to see from the navigation pane. This could easily be done and accomplished by clicking on the create tab then move to the forms therefore move to the next step of more forms and finally clicking on the split forms. A split form looks more appealing

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